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Here is some history about this stunning Cabriolet:
20/12/1991 the original keeper sold it with just 01887 miles registered. 2000 the exterior was repainted from black to Saturn yellow. 2004 it was shipped to Dublin with 02777 miles. 01/12/2022 it was sold to the UK mainland and subsequently sold again on 09/08/23. When it came in to our hands it was crying out to be repainted back to its original black colour , so we painstakingly stripped the paint back to bare metal and refinished it as you see in the photos. we converted it to twin carburettors as there was an issue with the FI system. It looks terrific and drives superbly.

1979 Epilogue Cabriolet: Projects
1979 Epilogue Cabriolet: Gallery
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